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    cost accounting

    apintra cost accounting

    Two different controlling modules which may be used individually or simultaneously – the unbeatable advantage of the apintra cost accounting.

    Your possibilities:

    • traditional cost center / cost unit and cost type accounting with cost allocation sheet
    • direct costing and break-even analysis according to Riebel

    Enhanced security: our direct cost and break-even analysis generate cost accounting results based on the variable costs accounting method following the causation principle. This protects your corporation from unjustified and avoidable inaccuracies since the generated data is directly transmitted by means of the other apintra modules.

    Your benefit: inaccuracies due to organizational or human deficiencies of lacking or neglected cost evaluations do not even occur and are completely eliminated.

    Enhanced transparency: compared to the traditional full-cost accounting our direct costing and break-even analysis as well as the cost center / cost unit and cost type accounting with cost allocations sheets can do without data keys and cost allocation of fixed cost. The variable cost and revenues are allocated by the costs-by-cause principle according to a defined hierarchy. Cost charging of the products is solely performed by means of attributable costs.

    Your benefit: the increased transparency enables you to take cost-oriented decisions based on sound figures – an immense competitive advantage for your company!

    Enhanced distinctiveness: you may create any type and number of hierarchies with our direct costing and break-even analysis and apply your favorable references and sequences as your own professional ‚data philosophy‘. We provide for you up to ten hierarchy levels.

    Your benefit: the generated data from the various business segments (finance and accounting, product management, etc.) is made accessible by the full integration of our modules and is allocated by the according pre-determined ‚data philosophies’ – fully automated and accurate.