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    apintra Finance and accounting

    Decentralized and internationally active companies are in need of financial solutions which meet the legal requirements of the various countries in which they are performing business. The major challenges for companies are geographically spread business locations, different currencies, varying accounting systems and differing balance and valuation guidelines. The guidelines of Basel II also provide for an additional financial statement according to IAS/IFRS, besides a national statement (e.g. HGB in Germany). 

    Regionally and nationally active companies can take full advantage of our efficient and reliable reporting system. Please see the overview which advantages the apintra finance module can be yours.


    Efficient and flexible: the apintra Finance module provides for a powerful reporting system with an integrated report generator for an easy-access overview of your business data and cash flow statements. Generate your financial statements according to HGB, IAS/IFRS or US-GAAP individually or simultaneously, while 996 possible alternatives are ready to be configured according to your personal business definitions.

    Really simple and automated: real-time processing makes traditional quarter and year-end reports obsolete. Of course, an automated data transmission into spreadsheets such as MS Excel is provided for and is intended to further reduce your workload.

    Always accessible: your business data is at your disposal nearly everywhere in the world and you may also process and enter new data (→ Enterprise Business Portal).

    According to international laws: the apintra finance module is ready to provide you a broad spectrum of individual modules aligned to international legal specifications. For example the 'International Accounting Standards' (IAS14) imply that companies, subject to certain preconditions, are to outline „information on business segments and geographical segments“– easily done with the apintra finance module. The reporting advantages are not only taken by listed companies which have a legal obligation for presenting these segment reports, but also more and more companies come to enjoy the benefits as an optional reporting choice.

    The benefits of segment reports: the understanding of the interested spectator regarding the company’s profitability is enhanced by the presentation of the financial information of the individual segments. Corporate risks and revenues can be better evaluated and the overall company performance adequately assessed.

    Please see the following functionalities excerpt of apintra Finance:

    • Dialogue-Posting and real-time processing
    • Multi-client capable
    • Multi-user operation (simultaneous data input at different work stations)
    • Logical plausibility checks during data entry
    • Applicable across all industries
    • Profit center management including consolidation (per client)
    • Processing of different tax keys in one single entry
    • Distribution posting including simulation feature
    • Open items clearing with integration open item search feature and open item offsetting simulation
    • Clearing of several open items with only one entry – fully automated correction of cash discount of VAT
    • Customizable account system
    • 14 booking periods per fiscal year
    • Parallel posting in different posting periods (also beyond the fiscal year-end)
    • Customizable and easy data migration from third-party systems
    • Currency translation with automatic entry of currency gains / losses
    • User-definable tax keys
    • Collective accounts
    • Year-to-year open items management
    • Functionality for automated clearing of open items
    • SQL search functionality in all visible segments
    • Immediate booking through-put into cost accounting and controlling

    • Evaluations
    • Evaluation circuits for various accounting standards (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP)
    • Booking journal
    • Account statements
    • Open item evaluations
    • Sums and balances lists
    • Business analysis
    • Profit and Loss account
    • Balance sheet
    • XLS / ODBC interface
    • All editions optionally in PDF, Numbers, Excel, Pages or Word format

    Additional modules / supplements

    In addition to our standard program FINANCE, apintra offers further modules, such as:

  • IBAN payment transaction (EU-payment and EU-Debit)
  • Extensive commercial dunning system including dunning frequencies, dunning reminder file and much more
  • DATEV connection
  • ELSTER interface (in Germany)
  • Raw data report for the intra-community trade statistics (Federal Statistical Office Wiesbaden)
  • Concluding report (EG-report / Saarlouis)

    additional module IDEA / GOBD

    The additional module IDEA offers an interface to digital tax audits. The module supports the generally accepted accounting principles, for electronic reports and documents as well as the data access (GoBD) and replaces the former principles of data access and audibility (GdPdU). The modules of digital tax audits allow for a simulation of a tax audit according to international standards.

    Besides the plausibility check according to the "Principles of data access and auditability of digital records" extensive analyses and evaluations are performed.

    The principles of data access and audibility of digital records (GDPdU) contain requirements for the storage of digital data and the cooperation obligation of taxpayers during company audits.

    The GDPdU module exports the data according to the IDEA-standard. Originally, IDEA was developed by the Canadian Court of Auditors. Subsequently the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) and an international committee participated in the ongoing development. Today IDEA is a registered trademark of CaseWare IDEA Inc. In 2002 the German tax administration has equipped its external tax inspectors with the IDEA software in order to perform digital tax audits.