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    product management

    apintra Product Management / Merchandise

    Essentially vital for a trade- or product-oriented company: being able to process the necessary finished goods in the demanded quality and number at the requested point in time with the least possible total cost. Nowadays, goods are shipped globally and therefore this business segment is extremely crucial for the provision of a functionally sophisticated software solution for product management. apintra’s product management module fulfils your high standards for a modern and reliable product management system.

    Integrated and hands-on: internal and external dependencies from Logistics processes as well as interactions are perfectly covered by the apintra product family. Process descriptions regarding post-modern definitions such as Supply-Chain-Management or B2B-processes are thoroughly implemented with a hands-on touch.

    Automated and smart: you are connected online to high-bay warehousing systems (HRL- or LVS-connections), you have bar code control in storage areas, electronic data exchange (EDI) with your customers and suppliers installed, RFID-processing or automatic data transfers and data checks from CRM-systems and eBusiness implemented? No problem – all systems are part of our modules. We even cater for functionalities such as rebate settlements, Multi-level warehouse management, consignment and drop shipping. We also offer multi-dimensional discount matrixes with 70 different possible variations as well as B2C-modules.

    Your benefit: simply integrate shop functionalities, with the optionally available apintra Internet API – from the immediate order processing to the CUG-area (closed-user-group-area) with delivery information. The apintra Internet API is designed for shop systems in connection with ADOBE Business Catalyst.


    Please see the following functionalities excerpt of apintra Product Management:

    • Dialogue-Posting and Real-time processing
    • Field service integration via HTML5 Client

    • Item Management
    • Alphanumeric product key
    • Customer-focused product key
    • Multi-lingual and customer-focused product texts
    • Multi-level product group hierarchy
    • Volume and accessories management (sets)
    • Dimension-based pricing
    • Multi-dimensional discount matrix, 70 different possible variations
    • Multi-level warehouse management (also consignment warehouse)

    • Online Order Processing
    • Processed: offers, orders, make-and-take orders, credits, manual invoices (drop shipping)
    • Real-time availability checks
    • Credit limit checks
    • Route planning and route configuration (also comprehensively including production)
    • Cancellation or partial cancellation functionality
    • Customs calculations
    • Mail freight and UPS-interface
    • Dispatch note cancellations

    • Reports and documents
    • Offer, order confirmation, delivery note, shipping documents, freight list, pick list
    • Invoices, collective invoices, credits, customs documents
    • Various sales statistics (dashboard)
    • Order backlog lists

    • Service Management and Processing
    • Quotes
    • Pro-forma invoices
    • Service reports
    • Material posting and repair times
    • Evaluations such as order backlog lists, error frequencies, guarantee, goodwill