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    apintra Reporting / Business Intelligence

    Processing all incoming data promptly and accurately is of enormous importance for companies. But it’s more than that: just as important and crucial for the ongoing business success are analyses and evaluations of the determined data. Only this allows for valuable findings to become the solid ground for generating plans, processing adaptions and monitoring certain alignments in such a way that your enterprise can ergonomically and sustainably succeed in the world’s markets. Generate your knowledge and information from the various business data for the best strategic and operative decision – apintra Reporting / Business Intelligence is your perfect solution for reaching this goal and produces data outputs as clear figures or as visualized graphs.

    It’s simple: Take advantage of your complete data base and start seeing accurate results with just a few entries based on pre-installed report generators. Do you want to know who and when you paid an amount between 14.50 Euros and 16.20 Euros six years ago? apintra Reporting / BI can easily show you within seconds.

    It’s accurate: apintra Reporting / BI puts all data into perspective and enables extensive and complex results via nested tables, bringing you accurate results and therefore the exact information you are looking for. For example you can see the results of direct costing or break-even analyses at a glance or you may take close looks into balance sheets, reports, sales figure or many other different overviews.

    It’s flexible: In addition to the existing standards, you may also define many other reports and overviews. The possible outputs of the collected information are also customizable: via screen streaming or physically printing, texts or graphs, or as spreadsheets – you have nearly any kind of graphic formats at your disposal. You would like to refine your reporting? Just adapt annual reports, invoices or delivery notes according to your individual requirements by our provided templates.