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    supply chain

    apintra Supply chain / supplier management

    Today’s modern material management is confronted with rising challenges and constantly high cost pressure, since according to the 'six R‘s of materials management' must

    • the right product
    • be in the right amount
    • at the right time
    • in the right quality
    • at the right location
    • for the right costs

    be made available.

    Our module Materials Management, Order Management and Warehousing optimize your complete stock management and integrate the subordinate modules such as Production and/or Merchandise Management.


    Safeguarding: In combination with the module apintra Production the supply for the producing divisions with direct goods such as raw materials and supplies as well as vendor parts and semi-finished goods is safeguarded. The supply of indirect goods such as office supplies, spare parts or services is also secured.

    Saving: The module Materials Management supports you in detecting savings potentials and lets you benefit immediately. For example you are able to evaluate and therefore optimize the handling costs of goods (availability and service level) against the costs of required but not available goods (shortage costs/shortages).

    Reducing: Get a full overview of excess stock or non-sellers and start reducing the tied capital (capital commitment costs) by targeted stock reductions.

    Please see the following functionalities excerpt of apintra Supply Chain / Supplier Management:

    • Dialogue-Posting and real-time processing
    • Master data management including classifications
    • Alternative units
    • Additional procurement expenses
    • Material-specific lead times
    • Material movement
    • Configurable ABC-analysis
    • Multi-level warehouse management

    • Order Management
    • Automated order proposal and demand planning
    • Order requests and administration
    • Vendor discounts
    • Stock shortages
    • Coverage calculation
    • Returns of goods/materials / debit note supplier
    • Finishing of security-related parts
    • RFID administration
    • Foreign currency
    • Supplier payment reminders
    • Delivery and invoice reviews
    • Capital requirement calculation
    • Requirements planning based on production lists
    • Shortage determination and follow-postings of materials

    • Statistics provided for:
    • Supplier quotation requests
    • Outstanding orders
    • Reserved volumes
    • Consumption
    • Price statistics
    • Average purchase price
    • Replenishment times
      and much more