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    apintra Technology

    Custom-made, trendsetting, mobile efficient – this is our apintra technology. All programs and the complete user guidance are designed to minimize the implementation efforts and to put you as the user into the focus of our applications.

    Discover the vast possibilities the apintra products can be for you and your company. Please see the overview which advantages the sophisticated apintra technology can bring you forward.

    Everywhere accessible: desktop, smartphone or tablet –retrieve your individual information from any mobile device, from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. The available programs for smartphones and tablets follow the future standard HTML5 (as far as already as standard defined).

    Customized format: all evaluations and reports are processed in PDF-format. You may also display, save and forward data in different formats - for example as any kind of spreadsheet and word processing format.

    Optimized for relational databases: the apintra solutions are especially designed and optimized for the application of relational data base systems. Furthermore our products offer smooth transaction processing and have a direct interface with Business-Intelligence-solutions (BI).

    High standards? Perfect: our products and solutions target companies which are able to detect and appreciate high-class technology. We at apintra do not present off-the-shelf solutions, instead we guarantee workload reduction and transparency via flexible and smart modules which leads to clear competitive advantages for your enterprise.

    Challenge us!

    apintra products are characterized by the following features:

    • Available as in-house version or CLOUD version [EaaS (Everything as a Service)]
    • In-house version also available on virtual infrastructures (VMWare)
    • Various databank support (IBM INFORMIX DYNAMIC SERVER, ORACLE, MySQL)
    • Consistent transaction processing
    • Replications
    • Modular structure
    • Real-time processing
    • Open interfaces (XML)
    • Tablet-PC-support [iPad, Android] via HTML5 code
    • Multi-lingualism
    • Plausibility checks
    • Versions / prints as PDF, Numbers, Excel, Pages or Word format files
    • Optional field-related encryption (such as bank data) => depending on the DBMS system